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Players from Graz help in UWR-development in Serbia

In Europe, every major city has its underwater rugby club. But a look at the map ( shows: There is vast unchartered territory between Graz and Athens, and a Serbian club would help greatly to reduce the gap.

Four years ago, the former combat diver Stojan Bogosavljev started working for the diving club "Ronilački Club Orka" in Kikinda, northern Serbia. Since then, the club developed greatly: About 25 kids are able to train twice a day, with a weekly schedule containing apnea, swimming, scuba dive, underwater hockey, and - since October: Underwater Rugby.

To develop an Underwater Rugby team, he organized an international training camp and invited two coaches from the STC Graz (Julia Braunegg and Karl Richter-Trummer) as well as Matt Bowyer from Brno and Zoltan Kalaczka from Budapest. During the weekend, basic skills were trained and rules and theory were explained. But the most important part: Lots of matches were played. The young participants - boys and girls, between 9 and 17 years old - could burn off energy while still being top-motivated!

For the trainers, the weekend was just as enjoyable as it was rich in calories, because the parents of the players did not leave any chance or break to offer local food! If you do not want to miss the Serbian hospitality, you should contact Stojan Bogosavljev.

The next plans of the Orkas: participation in youth tournaments and training camps in Europe. They are taking part in the German Youth&Juniors Championships in Pößneck, but they are looking for more ways to compete with same age players. 

Report in local Serbian TV:


  • Once again, thank you Karl Richter-Trummer​, Julia Hoopfish Braunegg​, Matt Bowyer​ and Kalácska Zoltán​. We will be world champions, one days.

    02.02.2017 14:40

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